Friday, August 26, 2011

{Blue Suede Shoes}

( Top: Guess, Pants: Cache, Shoes: Gianni Binni)

Just back from MAGIC. August has been a crazy crazy month! Hotels have been my home away from home. Had the pleasure of sleeping in my bed nine times so far this month! So last night my fluffy oh so comfortable bed was calling to me :) cuddled up with a new book called Juliet a friend passed along to me. It has been a great companion in the airports I pass through. It's the weekend! Enjoy it friends! I know I will.


  1. yummy shoes!!!! i love blue suede... totally makes me happy!


  2. They totally make my day when I wear them!! I totally wore them through the airport the other day! Did a little blog stalking...congrats on the necklace!! It is beautiful!


  3. thanks love! i just noticed that you reply to your comments... sorry it took so long! :) disqus is a really cool comment program where when you comment back it fires off an email reply to the person, its pretty cool... {you might already know this, just ignore me if you do} we love to comment back so we love it

    if you rocked those at the airport then i KNOW they are comfy! just more shoes i want to steal from your closet!