Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All about comfort

Ever have those days when you don't know what to put together?? I know I do! So what do I do you ask!? I put a scarf on it! Since I can't get a ring on it! :) Thinking comfort is what I do on days I travel. Just got back from the Atlanta apparel market and had a great show! Getting there was the only problem...my first flight was cancelled while I was in line going through security. After talking my way out of two alternative flights getting me the next day I was off to Memphis for a connecting flight. While in Memphis I enjoyed some great barbeque, and an Elvis impersonator and a delayed flight...mind you I was not wearing shoes that were meant for a ten hour day of flying and running from gate to gate! But they sure were cute! After arriving in Atlanta with no luggage, I left my phone in the taxi! Great day right!? Had mascara and lip gloss to get ready in the morning. Gotta keep smiling! Life is good. The crazy things in life is what gives us experiences to remember! Have a great day! Thanks for letting me vent!

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