Monday, May 30, 2011

Made my own Maxi dress

Hey guys! So I have been obsessed over the longer maxi length dresses and skirts. Recently purchased a great maxi skirt from H&M but I couldn't bring myself to fork out sixty plus bucks for a dress. But I was dying to have one so I found this XXL beauty and dusted off my scissors.


Not bad eh? This beauty went to Brazil with me last month! Not many of my clothes can say they are world travelers but this one made the cut :)


  1. I love the final product Tiff! It looks amazing!!!! You have such skills!

  2. Jen you are so great! You will have to see it in person! ;)

  3. So amazing, any chance you are going to sell something like this on your etsy shop? I would kill for this one!

  4. Sure Hannah! What size are you? Email me at

  5. I love what you did to the dress! It looks great! I've been on the lookout for a maxi dress too!