Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last minute costumes

It's crunch time! You're a few hours from Halloween parties and you still don't have a costume! It's too late to run to the store, and it is way too late to make something! So what do we do!? Make it work! Don't get stressed. Just get creative!! I had a party last night I went to and I used one of my Mom's "vintage" maternity shirts! (we will call it vintage, sounds a lot better than old!) I was getting in touch with my inner Cher.

Here are a few ideas for something that would be easy to pull together in a snap!

* Everybody has a flannel shirt they can put on and get their Paul Bunyan on!

* While I was flipping through my closet I came across a fringe top I had bought like a year ago and had forgotten about. Flapper done!

*Cher was a blast! Toss a black wig on and a pair of bell bottoms, and your Mom's maternity shirt and you are good to go! ( I did sing "babe, I got you babe" a few times to remind people who I was!

*This one was on my list this year! Who knows maybe I will pull it out tonight! Cute pencil skirt, crisp white shirt, and a silk scarf. Oh and add those wings for a finishing touch. Done! You are ready to take to they skies!


  1. :) I was a flight attendant back in 7th grade!

  2. Yes! I love it! Went to a party and saw a few girls, they were even handing out peanuts! I thought that was a clever touch.